About Us

Islamic School Online

The Quran is the most often-read book in the world. Muslims lovingly recite and memorize the holy Quran. It is obligation of Muslim parents to teach their children Quran from childhood. We make the parents job very easy by providing a simple and flexible medium for Islamic School online. We are using top quality software. Software enables tutor and student talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through the computer. Tutor and student share and see the same lesson on their computer screen. Our program is equally beneficial for children and parents as well.

Quran Learning Classes

We provide one-on-one Quran learning classes enabling our qualified tutors to pay full attention to individual learning needs of the student. Our qualified tutors access students current level of already learnt Quran and recommend where to start learning Qur’an with Islamic School Online.
Quranpointonline.com is a humble effort to Teach Quran Online. So, anyone and everyone can attend Online Quran Classes. Inside Quran Learning Classes , our Quran Teachers help you to read Quran properly and to understand Quran deeper meanings through tafseer. By learning to read Quran, one takes that first major step towards understanding the purpose of the Quran. Quran Translation and Tafseer of Quran further builds on our ability to practice the Quran’s guidance. The importance of reading and understanding the Quran can be better understood by the following hadith.

Islamic School Online

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said,
“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn Quran and teach it (to others).”
(Sahih Bukhari)(Book #61, Hadith #546)

Flexible Quran Learning Envoirnment

Because Islamic School Online Academy is not center-based.It is often the best solution for busy families to manage for online Islamic School Online from comfort of their own home. Most of the times lesson times can be arranged to fit into busy family schedules. As you begin to understand and Learn Quran , you will find that the knowledge of the Quran has a significant daily impact in your life – in a way nothing else does. It will add peace to your life, bring depth to your prayers and contentment to your heart.
Quranpointonline.com is available 24×7 online. Students take interactive Online Quran Courses from anywhere in the world. Quranpointonline.com online program has been specially designed for benefiting the kids & adults, who are facing difficulties in reaching to mosques regularly to learn Quran (Koran).

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are highly qualified and experienced. All teachers have earned degree in Islamic education and have several years of teaching experience in Islamic School Online. Most tutors are Hafiz-ul-Quran as well. Every student is not equal and has individual learning needs. Our teachers access and pay attention to the students needs and make the classes the most beneficial.Our first and foremost objective was to prepare a team of fully qualified teachers capable of imparting quality lessons using the highly advanced information technology techniques.We also aimed at forming the team that could serve every category of students wishing to read and understand the Quran. We have been successful in our untiring efforts to achieve the desired results.Male & Female tutors are available in our academy.

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